Honestly, at this stage in the Educational system, I'd say it's a safe bet somewhere in between 2nd and 3rd year University Physics, simply because the whole educational system has dwindled drastically since as little as 10 years ago, due to inattentiveness and such. When I graduated University, it would have been 1st… » 8/30/14 3:55pm Saturday 3:55pm

The last, manly, burly, scary Lamborghini I can think of that was recently made is the Balboni Edition Gallardo. The Miura, 350GT, 400GT, Countach, and most models of Diablo were all hairy chested brutes. Ever since Audi bought Lamborghini it's been a downhill slope into AWD, under steering, refined odd looking… » 8/22/14 1:31pm 8/22/14 1:31pm