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I'm looking for Jalop's in the Greater Toronto area to hang out with. I have a lot of car friends, but they're all Japanese or in Ottawa. I currently have my best friend, some great small time friends (whom I barely have time to see), and my girlfriend, who I have lately been finding myself on the rocks with. So I need to expand my horizons. Therefore I'm calling out for some other Jalops to join in and we can make a car group. In order to hang out with me, you should probably know a few things about me first.

  1. I don't own a car (currently). I did last year, and I was in the market for a couple new cars late last year upon news that I got a great job offer, but due to a number of small factors, I don't currently have wheels. I may, on occasion, test drive a car to give a review here though, for a week at a time or so. In that case, you will be allowed (as my friend) to drive it.

And I don't test drive Corolla's.

  1. I am VERY forthright. If I don't like something, I say so. If I don't want something, I say as much also. Some people don't like my absolutely brutal honesty, and I accept that. But it makes me a very good friend to have who would never, ever, backstab or betray you, let alone give you fake advice.
  2. I enjoy doing manly thing. Cars, BBQ, pool, darts, watching football, working out, and video games all come to mind. I also like flirting with girls, and going to clubs (I have a close friend here in Toronto who owns a nightclub). So if you guys want to do that, I'm always down.
  3. I don't smoke cigarettes, and I don't really drink (I do enjoy wine though, but that's more a guy/girl thing). I do however smoke weed from time to time, so you probably shouldn't be against that. I won't do any harder drugs, and if you do, I won't be your friend.
  4. I love cars. LOVE. CARS. Probably more than women. There is not a single moment where I won't reference something to a car. I'll find a way to correlate a Toyota 2000GT to a stapler. You can't get sick of that.
  5. I'm not always available. But when I am, I'll make our time hanging out worth it. I love photography and all that I've mentioned above as liking, and I especially enjoy my time with my friends.
  6. I like to recite stories of what I've done and talk about my future plans. I won't bore you, but a lot of them are car related, and a lot of them are very cool. And I love to listen to your stories too. I expect not just a good friend, but a good storyteller and listener as well.

In summary, the reason I'm turning to Jalopnik for this is because finding a good group of car guys to hang out with here in Toronto has proven quite difficult. A lot of them are close knit or part of a racial minority and a lot of them are very well off (of which I am not, as of yet). In Japan, I am well liked by people of a majority, so I feel more comfortable and secure. It's not that easy here, as I'm sure anyone in the import car scene can tell you. That doesn't mean I don't like being part of a group of a mostly different race, it just means that I feel socially vulnerable and lower when I am part of that said group, as previous experiences have shown me. So I'm looking for some non-prejudice good guys (or girls) to just hang out with, and who don't mind having some fun and talking some cars.

I do have a Facebook, but I rarely use it. If you wish to contact me, just leave a comment or drop me a text at 1-647-381-9553 and I'll get back to you.


I hope none of this comes off as crass or in poor taste. I just want to share my love of cars with anyone else wherever I can. All my car friends are elsewhere, so I tend to feel alone in my thoughts, and I'd love some positive and constructive influence in my life.

(Image attached is myself and my old car friends from University, in Ottawa, who I now rarely get to see).

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